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Once Upon a Time 4x21 & 4x22

May 12th, 2015 (07:28 pm)

Current Mood:: relaxed

Okay. Two ridiculously fun hours of alternate universe shenanigans, concluding with a killer cliffhanger (because hello, this is Once). Let's do this thing!

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May 8th, 2015 (09:28 pm)

I am apparently going to be in the market for a new car.

The car still runs perfectly fine, nor was I in an accident or anything. However, the car is 15 years old and has some body rot on the rocker panels which I need to fix in order to pass inspection in July. Rocker panel replacements? Are expensive. Prohibitively expensive. Expensive enough that it is not worth sinking almost a third of what I paid to purchase the thing in the first place into a 15-year-old car.

I can't complain at all. I mean, I bought this sucker in 2004 and have had to do minimal work to it. It's served me quite well over the last eleven years. But it is indeed time for me to start looking for something else.

I am half-excited and half-scared. Excited because yay new things with better technology. Scared because I had just gotten to the point were I wasn't super-worried about money and now I'm going to actually have a monthly car payment again. ;)

My mom and I are going out next weekend to look around and maybe test drive some things. (Because I don't have the first clue how to buy a car. I was a relative kid when I bought the PrueMobile and I can totally see car salesmen taking one look at me and deciding I'm fresh meat. ;)) I have no idea what I want, aside from something small as I am a wee person. And something preferably relatively cheap so that I don't blow my budget out of the water, haha.

(I do know, however, that I don't want a Prius. I didn't like the one I had to rent when the PrueMobile was getting fixed after the hit-while-I-was-parked accident a while back. I did like what we drove in LA ... I think it was a Hyundai Accent.)

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Once Upon a Time 4x20

May 4th, 2015 (07:19 pm)

Current Mood:: relaxed

Let's do this thing!

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Once Upon a Time 4x19

April 27th, 2015 (01:28 pm)

Current Mood:: sore

There was Emma backstory! I was pretty much guaranteed to like this! Let's go. :)

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Once Upon a Time 4x18

April 20th, 2015 (07:26 pm)

Current Mood:: relaxed

Let's do this thing!

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Kittens Are Weird

April 19th, 2015 (10:10 pm)

So I noticed that Gracie was playing around with my sneakers ... or, more notably, the shoelaces. I decided to go out this morning and buy her a pair of shoelaces of her own so that she was stop attacking my sneakers. (Cinnamon had shoelaces, too, but I pulled them off a pair of sneakers I was getting rid of.)

When I went to give her the shoelace, she hissed at it. I have no idea what she thought it was, haha. Now she's chasing it around the living room, so apparently she got over it. ;)

Speaking of Gracie, she's had quite the eventful little weekend. My upstairs neighbor and her daughter came down Friday evening for a little bit to meet her. On Saturday, Jeff and Roberta brought Lucas over to meet her. Lucas loves Gracie but Gracie's a little afraid of him, hee. (He's a hyper four-year-old ... he was moving around too fast for her.) And then today my sister came over for a little while and of course we overstimulated the poor kitten.

Funny story from when Lucas was over, though! Lucas picked up one of her fake mice and, for whatever reason, smelled it. He said, "These smell good!" Jeff, Roberta, and I cracked up, and I said, "They smell like catnip." ;)

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Once Upon a Time 4x17

April 13th, 2015 (07:05 pm)

Current Mood:: relaxed

Here we go!

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So ... I Has a New Kitten

April 12th, 2015 (01:38 pm)

Her name is Gracie. She is seven weeks old. I've had her all of two and a half hours, and I already adore her.

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WTF, Mate?

April 2nd, 2015 (07:27 pm)

Current Mood:: confused

I had a dream last night that I found a kitten. A little gray kitten just chilling in my apartment. Dream Me was definitely treating this as an odd occurrence so I know she wasn't Dream Me's pet. I don't remember any other details.

I have no freaking clue what this means.

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Once Upon a Time 4x16

March 30th, 2015 (07:00 pm)

Current Mood:: tired

Let's do this!

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Once Upon a Time 4x15

March 23rd, 2015 (07:31 pm)

Current Mood:: excited

This episode might as well have been subtitled "Death by OTP." As a Hook/Captain Swan fan, I have much to talk about, so let's get to it!

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Once Upon a Time 4x14

March 17th, 2015 (12:11 pm)

Current Mood:: sick

Slightly late this week because between dealing with the kitty and then being diagnosed with a sinus infection myself, it's been a really, really rough couple of days. But I've got a bit more energy right now, so let's get to it!

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Sad News

March 13th, 2015 (09:59 pm)

Current Mood:: sad

I had to put my little Cinnamon down last evening.

I noticed on Saturday morning that she hadn't eaten much of anything overnight. I kept my eye on it and she didn't eat much during the day or on Sunday, either. Sunday night I took her to the animal hospital. She had a slight fever and they wanted to check her blood and urine for signs of an infection.

Blood work came back normal, urine results came back with some white blood cells and blood in the urine. They said they could do a culture but it was 1) more money than I really had, and 2) a maybe. I decided to hold off and in the meantime I made an appointment with our regular vet for follow-up, mostly because the diagnostics would be cheaper for me there because I have an insurance plan with them.

Cut to Wednesday night. I noticed that she was breathing really weird. Like, I could see her breathing but it was lower in her abdomen than it should have been. I got more worried.

Still, I went into the appointment yesterday evening expecting to be given antibiotics or something for a UTI or whatever. As soon as the vet noticed her breathing, he started talking about x-rays. He did one and came back to me and said she was in congestive heart failure. They couldn't in good conscience send her home in her condition so I had two options: let them do a chest tap to drain some of the fluid from around her heart or put her down.

They explained that the chest tap was a maybe. They couldn't tell me how long it would give us because they didn't know how bad the heart failure was. The vet tech said I could be back there as soon as today with her, they just didn't know.

I called my mom in tears, all the while thinking, "I can't tell them to kill her. I can't do it." Mom and Allyson came up to the vet's office and while I was waiting, the tech brought Cinnamon back to me.

And as I was watching her just lie there, I realized that I couldn't leave her like that, either. Even if we did the chest tap, the fluid was going to build back up again, it was just a matter of when. And she looked so miserable that at that point, keeping her alive wouldn't have been for her. It would have been for me. Only it wouldn't have really been for me, either, because I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the time we had left, not with her so sick and me so worried.

So I told them to put her down.

I stayed all the way up until he came into the room to actually do it. Before he'd given her the first sedative, she was with it enough to give me and my sister a couple of final licks. Then he gave her the sedative and I just held her and right before he was going to give her the final shot, I kissed her goodbye and left the room.

This is the last pic I have of her, taken about a month ago.


I miss my little munchkin so much.

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Once Upon a Time 4x13

March 9th, 2015 (08:20 pm)

Current Mood:: tired

Ooh boy, as always when there's lot of Charming Family stuff, I have a lot to talk about. Let's get to it!

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Once Upon a Time 4x12

March 2nd, 2015 (07:27 pm)

Current Mood:: tired

My little fairy tale show is back! Let's get to it!

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I Have Acquired a New Skill

February 14th, 2015 (09:17 pm)

Current Mood:: accomplished

With the winter weather in Boston making national news, I'm sure I don't have to tell you how miserable the past couple of weeks have been. Since my days have consisted pretty much of shoveling snow and saying a silent prayer every time I come to an intersection since the snowbanks are so big no one can see anything, I decided to find something fun to fill my evenings.

That something fun? Learning how to make GIFs.

(The text on that, incidentally, is from my new favorite song, Walk the Moon's "Shut Up and Dance." It's a complete 80s throwback and I love it to pieces.)

More Captain Swan GIFs and my process/progress under the cutCollapse )

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Oh, Massachusetts Drivers

February 3rd, 2015 (09:03 pm)

Current Mood:: tired

On my way home tonight, I took a left out of the work parking lot and all of a sudden looked up to see this black car in my rear view. There had been no one coming when I pulled out. I actually sat there and waited for it to be completely clear in both directions because the parking lot and the road were both still a little icy and snowy. So this car was freakin' flying. Down a street, mind you, that is still a little icy and snowy.

So the jackass leaned on his horn and started riding my ass. I continued down the road at the 30 mph I was comfortable driving, no matter how much he leaned on his horn and rode my ass. Because seriously, fuck this guy.

He eventually got fed up, leaned on his horn and flew around me -- in a no passing zone, might I add. So I of course leaned on my horn as he flew past because seriously, jerkoff, you're going to kill someone. His driving habits would be dangerous enough were the roads not still snowy and icy.

In the meantime, another car was pulling out of a parking lot ahead of us. Jackass didn't have time to get ahead of him. New Guy then proceeded to drive 25 mph, I swear out of spite because he completely and totally witnessed Jackass being a jackass. Jackass rode his ass and leaned on his horn but New Guy refused to speed up. I backed off from the both of them, just in case, and really, it's always better to have the potentially volatile situation in front of you where you can monitor it but honestly I wasn't even annoyed that now I was stuck driving 25 mph, too because New Guy was awesome. They both turned left at the end of the street and I turned right so I have no idea what the hell happened after that but yeah. That's how part of my drive home went tonight.

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January 23rd, 2015 (11:51 am)

Current Mood:: silly

My boss: So every time you print something, you have to get up and walk all the way out there?
Me: Yes.
My boss: Then why don't you ask for a little printer to go right behind you?
Me: Because this how I get my exercise.
My boss: Ohh. I knew there was a reason.


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2015 Just Got Amazing

January 17th, 2015 (09:33 pm)

Current Mood:: excited

So, we all remember my upstairs neighbors, correct? The dingbats who had a tendency to leave faucets on and cause rain in my apartment?

I came home from grocery shopping this morning to find a Budget moving truck parked half in my parking space. I was of course annoyed but one of the moving guys had just come out as I was going in. I happened to ask how long he thought he was going to be, as he was in my parking space. He apologized and said he was only going to be another half hour or so.

I went inside and as I started putting my food away, I realized that there was a lot of activity happening in the apartment above mine. I put two and two together and my first thought was, "No, I can't be this lucky ... can I?"

And oh yes I can. That truck was there for Neighbors From Hell's stuff. (And because of that, I was willing to forgive them for parking in my space!) I didn't believe it until I went down to get my mail and the little tag with their name was gone from their mailbox.

No more neighbors from hell! No more holding my breath when their water turns on and keeping an ear out to make sure it turns off! No more getting awakened at midnight because they're stomping around above me! No more listening to them scream and swear at each other! It's probably awful of me, but I'm freakin stoked!

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Updated Vertical Horizon Mix

January 10th, 2015 (07:06 pm)

Current Mood:: cold

So, for whatever reason, my car radio decided to stop reading the Vertical Horizon mix CD I made a couple years back. Since I was going to reburn it anyway, I decided to redo it to add some stuff from Echoes From the Underground, which came out last October. Here be the track list!

1. When You Cry
2. Everything You Want
3. I Believe in You
4. Consolation
5. Echo
6. Send It Up
7. Welcome to the Bottom
8. Half-Light
9. One of You
10. You’re a God
11. All Is Said and Done
12. Instamatic
13. Goodbye Again
14. Can You Help Me
15. Frost
16. Miracle
17. Even Now

(BTW, "Frost" is totally the "Can You Help Me" of Echoes From the Underground. I cannot get enough of it, and from when the guitar solo kicks in at 3:39 until the end is pretty much musical perfection to me.)

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Winter Has Officially Arrived

January 7th, 2015 (09:54 pm)

Current Mood:: cold

After a rather warm December, winter has finally come to Massachusetts. As of this very moment, Yahoo's weather app is telling me that it it 8°F outside. It's very windy, we're supposed to hit negative temperatures overnight, and I am supposed to be driving to work in negative temperatures tomorrow morning.

Me no likey.

I have, however, preemptively purchased and installed a new car battery because my old one was installed in 2008, so it's old and way beyond due, and with the upcoming frigidness, I was scared, haha. When Andy asked me how I arrived at the decision to get a new battery, I said, "I put that one in in 2008." He just kinda looked at me and was all, "Yeah, all right, I can see that."

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(no subject)

December 20th, 2014 (11:13 am)

Current Mood:: relieved

I took Cinnamon in for a checkup a week ago Friday. On Wednesday, the vet called and told me that there were some slightly elevated numbers in her bloodwork that could indicate kitty kidney disease and he wanted me to grab a urine sample for them.

I did so, and when I collected it, her pee was cloudy. It was at that point that I promptly flipped my shit.

Because cat pee is not supposed to be cloudy. And what if it really was her kidneys? She's 8, guys. It's not like she's 15 and I've been expecting some health deterioration or anything. Basically, I thought I had like, six or seven more years before I started having to worry about shit like this and I was not prepared. At all.

None of the other symptoms of kitty kidney disease matched her, so that was something of a relief but I still spent a good part of Thursday freaking the hell out.

Thankfully, the urine test indicates that it's not her kidneys. They're not 100% sure what it is, but he's thinking with the elevated bloodwork numbers, she may just be dehydrated. He wants to repeat the blood test in a month or so to see where her numbers are.

I came home from work on Thursday and proceeded to give her all kinds of hugs and snuggles, and she just kind of looked at me all, "This is great and everything, lady, but can you feed me now, please?" ;)

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Once Upon a Time 4x11

December 15th, 2014 (07:29 pm)

This more than likely won't be as long as last week's (because last week's was long) but let's get to it!

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Once Upon a Time 4x10

December 8th, 2014 (07:21 pm)

Ooh, boy, I have a funny feeling this is going to get long. So let's get to it!

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Once Upon a Time 4x09

December 1st, 2014 (07:52 pm)

Can't we just keep the Frozen characters forever and ever? Here we go!

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